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Google's Doodle for Valentine’s Day Celebrates Real Love Stories

Each heart represents a story taken from public radio's "This American Life," of a real human being.



    Google is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a “doodle” featuring true love stories that will make your heart melt.

    The doodle, visible on in the U.S., contains six candy hearts in place of the logo. Each heart represents a real-life love story taken from the public radio show "This American Life."

    Heartfelt at times and silly at others, the true stories range from a kid's tale of "Puppy Luv," to "First Kiss," a couple's realization, after years of friendship, that they were meant to be together.

    Another story, entitled "Mr. Right," is about of a woman who spent the morning after her wedding day  walking around pondering her fate. Unsure of her future, she eventually realized she made the right decision.

    "When it got dark, I came home," she said. "My husband, he was just so worried. I could see it in his face, I could tell. He said, 'Where have you been? I called the police cause I thought you got lost or something happened.' Then I just thought, well he's a good man and I should give it a try. That was 42 years ago and since then, I've never questioned. Never."

    After you've listened to all of the stories, the doodle wishes the user “Happy Valentine’s Day, from the internet.”

    The doodle on Google's European site is just as sweet and creative. A clickable heart takes you to a cutting board with assorted ingredients for chocolate-covered strawberries, nuts, and ... ants. Once you make your selections the doodle puts the Valentine's Day treats in a heart-shaped tin.

    The doodle quickly became a hit on social media.

    This isn't the first time Google has spiced up their site on Valentine's Day. Last year's Google doodle featured a Ferris Wheel of love that allowed users to match up animals the likes of a bear, a horse and an octopus and send them on a fun date.