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Conn. Firefighters Rescue Great Dane From Roof

"A really unique situation," one firefighter said



    Conn. Firefighters Rescue Great Dane From Roof
    Middletown Fire Department
    A firefighter comes to the rescue in Middletown on Friday, June 3.

    Firefighters come to the rescue on a daily basis, but the rescue of a dog in Middletown was out of the ordinary.

    Firefighters responded to Hendley Street around 7:30 a.m. Friday after a resident spotted a Great Dane on a neighbor’s roof.

    Firefighters said the dog’s owners were at work, so firefighter Mike Souza climbed a ladder to rescue the dog.

    At first, the pup growled, but it soon warmed up to Souza, who guided the dog back through the open window.

    “He had to really scooch to get back in because he was really tall,” Souza said. “I think he was happy to be back inside!”

    Souza, who has been on the job for 28 years, said this was a first for him.

    “A really unique situation, a unique call,” he said.

    A woman who identified herself as the dog's owner responded to the Facebook post said the dog was in the basement with her other Great Dane and he is a "Houdini" who apparently pushed his way through a locked door and opened windows to get outside and "say hello to all the new neighbors."