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Candidate Sees Roadkill as Food, Not Waste

Eating roadkill is currently a misdemeanor in Texas



    Candidate Sees Roadkill as Food, Not Waste

    A candidate for the Texas House is giving new meaning to the idea of roadside dining.

    Rack of raccoon or smidgen of pigeon could be on the menu if legislators take up the call by Tink Nathan to allow motorists to collect and consume roadkill. It's currently a misdemeanor offense to gather it.

    The San Antonio Express-News reports the suggestion by the 72-year-old Nathan sets him apart from the four other Republicans looking to succeed longtime District 53 state Rep. Harvey Hilderbran. The sprawling district extends northwest of San Antonio to the border.

    Nathan said eating roadkill is legal in other states.

    Westin New York

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department spokesman Tom Harvey said the agency has no stance on the idea, but added, "There are obvious public health and safety issues."