• Boston January 4, 2024 11:54 pm

    Snow or no? THIS factor can make or break a New England nor'easter

    As we await this weekend’s winter storm, one factor could play a big role in whether the Boston area gets blanketed in fresh snow or a slushy mess: the path the storm takes. The Benchmark is a latitude-longitude boundary roughly 115 miles south of the Outer Cape that tends to determine the precipitation type of winter storms along the I-95…

  • forecast March 15, 2023 8:12 pm

    Why Were the Nor'easter Forecasts So Good for Some, But Off for Others?

    It’s not the first time this winter this has happened: forecasts, uniformly, have been great for some, but way off for others, often just a few towns or even miles apart.  In our Tuesday nor’easter, we even saw snow totals spanning a range of as much as eight inches just from one side of town to another!  The tried...

  • Vermont March 14, 2023 11:29 am

    Vermont State House, DMV Lose Power Amid Nor'easter

    As a nor’easter pummeled northern New England on Tuesday, the Vermont State House temporarily lost power in Montpelier, interrupting state business, lawmakers said. House Speaker Jill Krowinski initially said the outage was temporary and, about 25 minutes later, reported that it was back online. Rep. Ashley Bartley shared an image of the dimmed lights inside the Capitol. Other outages were…

  • Boston March 14, 2023 2:20 pm

    PHOTOS: Nor'easter Drops Snow Across New England

    A nor’easter lashed New England with heavy rain, wind and snow on Tuesday, creating some picturesque scenes — as well as dangerous driving conditions.

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