Humidity Begins a Return to New England Friday, Steamy for Many by Saturday

Meteorologist Matt Noyes talks about unexpected September humidity returning to New England.

In today's "Chat With Matt," on Facebook, Mark Smooth asked: "Hi Matt, how humid will it get these next 2 days?"

My thoughts:

Pretty darn humid, Mark. Friday won't start out bad, at all, but humidity will increase during the day. Actually, in the maps below, Friday's dewpoint is on the left, Saturday's on the right - dewpoints in the 60s are humid, dewpoints around 70 are usually oppressive for most. Notice Friday there's actually a little pocket of drier air that's stubborn in Eastern New England, but that sure is gone by Saturday! Both maps are valid at 2 PM (BTW, also notice the dry air in Canada - that'll be here Sunday!). Worth noting, this humidity will fuel thunderstorms Saturday, click here for more on that.

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