Another No Name From The Tropics

We have a fun dynamic in New England today.. that is air coming at usfrom two or three different directions. If you have access to avertical wind profiler (on a sight such as, you see theair moving from 20 knots from northeast to southwest at 2000'. The airis moving 40 knots from the northwest at 4000', and the air at 26,000'is from the southwest at 50 knots. Each layer of air has a differenttemperature and humidity. The air nearest the ground is cool has alower relatively humidity. The air higher up is warmer and more humid.This dynamic creates overrunning of lighter warm air over the heaviercold air. Eventually the relative humidity will increase enough tosaturate the lower atmosphere to the point of thick low clouds, thendrizzle, then fog and showers.
  We are now on the cold side of a front that passed south overnight.But that from is coming back north tonight and tomorrow. What was a drycold front will turn into a wet warm front. Then the fun really begins.
  Though the flooding storm that drench the Northern Plains with 5"+ ofrainfall has raced by to our north, it's associated front has dippedsouth to the Gulf of Mexico. Now low pressure developing on the frontis absorbing moisture from the gulf. This storm will travel along thewest side of the Appalachians with heavy rain from Alabama to Quebec,including much of western New England. This heavy rain is most likelyMonday Night and Tuesday. But that is not the end.
  On Wednesday we have a full latitude trough stalled in the easternUnited States, with air from the Caribbean streaming north, at the sametime new cold from Canada is Digging into the Midwest. This may resultin more rain for New England Weds-Fri. By Friday night the new coldwill surge into New England with snow level possibly falling to 4000'by Saturday Morning. This means we may have the classic White on top-Red, Orange, and Yellow on bottom- Foliage Scene here in New Englandnext weekend.
  Rainfall amounts look to be in the 1"-3" range, heaviest in areas that need it most, Western New England to Central Maine.
  As for the tropics, Lisa and Matthew are now Tropical Depression. Thenext named storm is Nicole. Nicole will develop south of Florida thisweek, and may threaten the East Coast in 5-8 days.
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