Classic New England Weather Spectacle

How often do you see fresh snow and Beach Weather on the same day? It happened today.
Here is the summit scene from Mt Washington at Lunch Time.
Three inches of snow fell on May 9-11, 2012.

The low temperature of 24 at Berlin New Hampshire, just missed the record 23 from 1999. By afternoon Berlin warmed 50 degrees to 74. How does that happen? Dry Air and May Sunshine!
As snow melted on Mount Washington, The temperature at the Beach hit 80. The Hennessey Family played in the chilly (52 degree) Water at Duxbury Massachusetts.

We are also going for 80 on Mother's Day 2012.
Then we get another 3 days of rain, our drought should be gone by June.
This is probably the last accumulating snow in New England until fall. We did not challenge the record of 1977, but not for lack of effort.

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