Cobbling Together Winter Forecast Part 2

Winter arrived in the central United States of America this Week, October 3-6 2012. Dozens of record cold temperatures have been broken from Oregon to Iowa to Oklahoma. Snow has accumulated 3 of the last 5 days. Can we draw any connection to the winter ahead? We can try!
The weather map this week looks fairly similar to last week. Only the cold and snow are aimed more at Canada than the lower 48.
Here is clue riddled map (all the little notes), due to lack of time, we will allow the maps to tell the story for now.


The trend so far has been to adjust storm tracks west and north, toward the heart of the cold  advecting from the Arctic to the plains of Canada and the central United States.
For example, last week we thought a snow storm was aimed at northeast Minnesota and Lake Superior. Instead the storm hit northwest Minnesota and North Dakota. The jackpot for snow this week is 14" in Badger MN. Here is a photo and video from a news station there.
And here are a few stats on the week just past.
Record cold at Stanley Idaho of 8 to 10 degrees October 5-7 2012.
Snowfall accumulated in several states including Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.
In Concordia Kansas, 2.1" of snowfall October 5, 2012 is the earliest measurable snowfall on record.

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