Not Bad Labor Day, Before More Tropical Trouble

 Warm weather is here for Sunday & Monday. Then a sharp cold front will bring heavy rain and much colder air. The first of the rain comes in sctattered strong to severe storms in Northern NH, ME, and Vermont late Sunday and Especially Monday. But for most of New England, our Sunday/Monday is warm and dry, but with higher humidity. The challeneg comes Tuesday through Saturday.
 Tropical Storm Lee will break into pieces, sending waves of heavy rain up the Appalachians into New England. Then Tropical Cyclone Katia will pass east of New England Friday and Saturday. But How close? Close enough for some huge waves, like this one shown from Eastham MA, site Saturday September 3, 2011.
Surf Photo

 But hopefully not the Katia wind. More likely we see only clouds from Katia. It's really Lee that makes this week miserable. In the period Monday Night though Thursday, 2"-5" of rain will soak New England, this would mean minor to moderate flooding.
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