October Thaw This Week

                                                                                                                                                               Today, October 24, 2010, the temperature on Mount Washington is warmingpast the freezing mark for the first time since Thursday October 14. Inthese last ten days we have had a solid foot of snow and ice caked tothe mountain top, with 13.8" of snowfall. On the other side of thecountry, a heavy snowfall is coming to the mountains fromWashington, to California, from Utah to Montana. 
   The weather is like aSee-Saw, we swing warm as the west swings cold. It looks like this will bethe most extreme week of weather for Autumn 2010. The old CA upper lowhas dislodged and, after blasting severe weather across the southernplains is now weakening near Chicago. A much more powerful storm isslamming the west coast tonight. It has been snowing atWhistler/Blackcomb for the last few days.
  The western storm, making landfall now as a 970 millibar (28.64")near Vancouver will weaken over the northern Rockies tomorrow, thenrestrengthen on the northern plains Tuesday. That storm will look likea massive hurricane (wind may gust to that level there too) over theMiddle of North America at it's peak on Wednesday. We know the windspins counterclockwise into the center of low pressure systems, thatmeans we get massive dose of warm air on the east side of this storm. Acheck of the high temperature records this week show 1963 as a toughyear to beat. October 26 & 27 1963 (when I was 6 weeks old), we hit85. Though I believe we may touch 80, it seems 85 is not withinreach. However, the records on Mount Washington 48 Tuesday, 50Wednesday, both set in 2007, are within reach.
  The impact of this storm on New England is for much warmer thannormal temperatures, with spokes of rain and thunderstorms on and offthrough Thursday. Seasonable cool air, with drying is likely bySaturday, that is the next window for making snow here in New England.It was great to see Sunday River opening this week, but will be closingMonday, waiting for the cold to return.
  Southwest wind will gust 30-40 mph Tuesday and Wednesday, that meansbig surf for our South facing shore, but with a powerful onshorecomponent.
  Hurricane Richard is Striking central America tomorrow, anotherdisaster there, Belize gets hardest hit this time. We may see the Sstorm, Shary, form in the central Atlantic in a few days. NationalHurricane Center is watching that one.
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