Project Weather: Sharks on Cape Cod

(NECN: Tim Kelley) - There's a new reality on Cape Cod: You have to keep your eyes peeled for sharks.

Shawn Vecchione, owner of VEC Surfboards in Orleans, Mass., says they're more common than you may think.

"Every year, I usually see one. They usually just ignore you, or they'll come back and check you out and then they'll take off," he says.

Vecchione is your typical hardcore surfer. He makes a living working by and playing on the sea. For the Cape Cod native, when surf is up, his Orleans board shop is closed, and he'll head for the same place he's gone in the past three decades.

In his time on a surfboard, Vecchione has had some encounters of the Great White variety.

Watch the attached video for more.

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