Quiet for Now- But Winter Is Not Over

  History was made again this week with the 3rd greatest snowstorm onrecord for Burlington Vermont Sunday/Monday (25.8"), with an inch ofice accretion near Ascutney. Then we had another 7" of 'surprise' snowat Mount Mansfield Thursday bringing the snow depth at The Mount MansfieldSnow Stake to 93". Jay Peak resort reported 45"+ for the week. But thenFriday Rain put the Kibosh on all that Powder. A few inches of snow inThe Greens this weekend freshened our surface a bit, but we now lookfor either Powder or Mild Spring Skiing. This week we get a bit ofeach. The weather pattern favors a slow melt with no big flooding rainthis week, just what the Doctor ordered. Many rivers are at, or near, floodstage right now, so some down time is good news. Also good news is thenice High coming in from Canada, with freezing nights and pleasant daysMonday-Tuesday, good Sugaring Weather.
  The plot thickens Wednesday with a storm that Dropped 6" of Snow inColorado Sunday (see my Colorado Experience here (I missed that Vermontsnow, but enjoyed some Rockies Powder & Sunshine)), the CO storm isheading to Tennessee with snow changing to rain, The Tennessee Rainthen starts northeastward to New England with rain Wednesday. But it iscold enough for snow at elevations above 1500'. We have room for somesurprise snow at Lower Elevations Saint Patrick's Day Morning. Thatdepends on the timing of new cold coming into southeastern CanadaThursday (St.Patty's day), if the low going off New Jersey slowsenough, and the new cold in Quebec can come together we have more Whitethan green Thursday, model runs from last week did show that happening.I give it a 40-60 shot.
  That new cold high on Thursday Friday does not drill into NewEngland, it passes across North of Maine then out. A warmer west windFriday with Low pressure to our North may get our temperature to60. Then next weekend we return to history making weather. The coldestair for so late in the season , in years is here by the second day ofCalendar Spring. Record lows are likely March 21-25. There will stillbe a parade of Pacific storms crossing the United States (Mountains ofWashington State and British Colombia may get 6 feet of snow in thenext ten days). Those storms will bring more spring snows to NewEngland starting March 21 or so. The North Atlantic Oscillation isforecast to go Negative into the Beginning of April, meaning ourBaseball Fields may be snow covered this April. That also delays andincreases the Major Flood Risk for New England next month.
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