Saturday Night Bombogenesis- Sunday Shine

Here are a few NECN Weather Watcher's descriptions of last night's wild storm here in New England..  

6:30 PM Sugarbush VT, Bob Hennessey:
         Dumping since 3:30 in VT, at least 4 inches already...
8:45 PM
Sweet! Flakes seem finer now but still coming down good..
Ya saw the NWS warning about thunderstorms. So this will be good "basesnow" then if it's flirting with rain?  Might try to sneak out forearly turns before heading back fir Super Bowl.

9:20 PM
Ok now the snow stopped, don't see rain either but getting flashes oflightning, very cool. Weather station at the condo reading 37 degrees.

8:00 AM Sunday
It changed back to snow when the temps dropped around 11, got 4-5more inches of nice light snow on top of yesterday's heavy stuff. Lotsif thunder and lightning last night.
Just cloudy out now, all precipitation seems to be done.

10:35 PM Saturday, Littleton NH, Bob Copeland:
Tim - 33 degrees, sleet, lots of lightning close! (few seconds to thunder) Amazing. about 5" after settling.
9:00 AM Sunday
Tim - sleet apparently didn't last long.  After Iwent to bed, more snow, and back up to total of at least 8" thismorning; temperature 28, max temp occurred with the thunderstorms -34.  Just cloudy with few breaks now.  Cannon looks just fine!

From John, Windham ME: Received Sunday Morning
Hi Tim,
What a crazy night last evening. We picked up 4 inches of slop. We snowed
until about 11:30. Then we had a thunderstorm and the snow changed to
freezing rain and rain. This morning, we have slop on the ground then a
layer of slushy ice then a thin layer of snow as the precipitation changed
back to snow early this morning. We have about a 1/4 inch of ice on the tree
limbs this morning. Temperature has fallen back to 30 degrees and skies have
cleared. Winds are starting to pick up gusting to 20 mph. Have a good

Amateur Radio SKYWARN Reports Through 725 AM

Hello to all..

..Strong Winds Overnight..

Measured Wind Gust Reports (40 MPH or greater):
Barnstable (Marstons Mills Section), Mass: 54 MPH at 344 AM (Also wind gusts of 53 MPH at 340 AM and 51 MPH at 126 AM)
Milton (Blue Hill), Mass: 52 MPH at 646 AM (Non-ASOS Davis Weather Station) also 48 MPH gust at 256 AM.
West Tisbury, Mass: 49 MPH at 1201 AM
Newport, RI: 48 MPH at 1118 PM 2/5/11
Chatham, Mass: 46 MPH at 300 AM
Scituate, Mass: 44 MPH at 335 AM
Yarmouthport, Mass: 43 MPH at 230 AM
Fairhaven (West Island), Mass: 42 MPH at 112 AM


Rob Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Taunton Massachusetts

Back to Saturday Discussion..
A rapidly deepening Storm is bringing Snow, Ice, Rain andThunderstorms to New England. As the storm races away Sunday we get alittle thaw.
  This is the same storm that brought the second snowstorm in a week ToDallas Texas. Yes, snow in Dallas and Rain in Boston. The track of thestorm is right across central New England. The counterclockwisecirculation is bringing warm air to southern New England, while cold airwith Ice and snow falls just north of the center from Rutland Vermontto Augusta Maine. This storm is cut off in the upper atmosphere with atremendous Jet Streak deepening the Low Pressure from 1002 millibarsnear Pittsburgh tonight, down to 978 millibars over Nova Scotia Sundayto 966 Millibars over Newfoundland Monday! Such strong dynamics causedanother round of Thunderstorms (had some GroundHog Day too), inSouthern New England. Damaging wind gust from Cape Cod to Maine throughsunrise Sunday. Ski areas are getting heavy snow, or ice changing tosnow. amounts to15" Likely.Serious freezing rain glaze is also occurringbetween the rain south and snow/sleet north. Winds will subside Sundayafternoon, allowing for us to continue the ice/snow redistributioneffort with melting through Sunset Sunday. The refreeze happens SundayNight. the next storm is Monday Night, looks like 2"-5" of snow, thenNew Cold and another storm threat the rest of the week.

Sunday AM Update: This week we have two snow or snow/rain situations.Tuesday Morning we wake up to wind and snow, 4" seems likely. Then NewCold blows in Tuesday Afternoon through the rest of the week. Though the nextStorm Thursday Night may come close enough for another rainy mix nearthe shore. The Thursday Storm may wind up as one of the stronger Stormsin a winter of Strong Storms.

Yes.. I know most Guidance has that storm missing to the south, butPositive North Atlantic Oscillation, and Strong La Nina say this stormcomes up the coast. Plus, again.. how many storms miss this year?
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