Springtime Snow Flakes Are Huge

   Record warm wind in New England this past Friday may be the last ofthe warm wind for a few weeks. New Blocking in the North Atlantic(Negative NAO) will be pushing one batch of new cold after another from Canada into New England until further notice. At the sametime, one powerhouse storm after another is crashing from the PacificOcean into the Western United States. Kirkwood Ski Area in Californiareports 100" of snow in the last seven days. Though these systems willtrend to weaken as they cross the country, we will end up with periodsof wintry mix here every 2 or 3 days through the next couple of weeks.Nothing huge, as long as the upper low stays stronger over the west than it is in theeast. We should be looking at relatively minor systems for now. But there are signs of a deeper trougheast than west by April first. That is when we may get a powerfulNor'easter.
  The best estimate for this week.. A week low pressure center withtremendous upper level dynamics will race through Monday with a burstof snow to rain south, and all snow north. A Thunderstorm is possible.This low will then deepen rapidly as it stalls south of NewfoundlandTuesday.
   That Newfy Low combined with another strong cold High in Ontario willpush strong northwest wind and rapid cooling into New England TuesdayNight. So Tuesday looks relatively quiet, before the chilly Gale late day and at night. The next surface low willpass south of New England Wednesday Night. With cold air in place, a fewinches of snow will fall through Thursday Morning. That one will beheavier for southern New England, then Northern. And with cold air inplace, we may have to plow snow from the roads all the way to the SouthCoast, and Cape Cod. That storm also strengthens after going out to seato our south, with even colder wind developing later Thursday and intothe weekend. At that point we will have a low pressure system forminghigh in the sky. Low Barometer cold will be here Thursday and Friday,meaning we have many instability clouds and snow showers.
  Then what happens to that Upper Low? It may retrograde (back westward) setting thestage for a powerful Nor'easter next week. That is what happened here inDecember, a North Atlantic Blocking retrograde resulted in our December26th blizzard. But this is not December, so something more like whathappened April Fool's 1997 may be in the cards.
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