Storms Merge Into Block Over New England

  Moderate drought continues in New England, but at least we have April Showers of Rain and Snow helping reduce Fire Danger and Pollen Counts a bit this week. The weak clipper that dropped a quick 4" of snow at Wildcat Resort on Sunday Night April 1st, raced into the Atlantic and Bombed out to 28.55" south of Newfoundland Tuesday April 3rd, shown here.


This massive storm was the most powerful so far in 2012. It would have been a New England Blizzard had it crossed the benchmark of 70 degrees west, 40 degrees north. Instead we got chilly backside wind and sunshine much of the week as it cut off at all levels of the atmosphere creating the first North Atlantic Block of 2012. We also got a great ground swell The waves we surfed in Hull Massachusetts on Wednesday April 4th traveled nearly 900 miles, to where we rode their head high faces the finale 200 yards of their life onto Nantasket Beach. what a Great Surf Day!


The storm then slowly weakened as it drifted northward in a Huge Upper Level Trough on the East Coast of North America. Next up, the storm that hit Dallas with Tornadoes April 3, 2012 sailed off the Georia coast Thursday Night April 5th, toward Bermuda where it got stuck in the blocking trough. That Texas storm than turned north into Nova Scotia Saturday April 7th. And then to top it off, the storm deepened and backed into Northern Maine (from east to west!) with 6 inches of Easter snow at Fort Fairfield Maine. That storm now lingers over Maine for much of this week with more Snow for Mountains like Sugarloaf and Jay Peak, where 6"+ snowfall will keep the ski season hopping.
Did you here about the 22 inches of snow with Blizzard condition in Fishtail Montana Friday April 6th. That low ran into the block and sheared out, adding more energy to our stalled low. That energy will help power wind gusts past 40 mph Monday April 9th, along with heavy black bottomed cumulus that drop a mix of flay, bouncy, drippy precipitation on us through Thursday.

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