Summer Solstice & Free Chowder

  Often the temperature on Mount Washington today, may be the temperature in the valley tomorrow. The higher the pressure, the more likely this is to happen (due to a clear calm night of radiational cooling). Tonight, Father's Day- June 19, 2011, we are tracking a 1018 millibar High Pressure System moving toward us from Hudson Bay Canada, on the backside of 1003 mb low over Nova Scotia (that low produced flooding in Connecticut and Hail in Maine Thursday through Saturday). The magnitude of this next chilly high from Canada is not strong enough to get us to 30° (the low on Mt Washington today) in Whitfield NH tonight, but 42° is with in reach. We are on the backside of yet another cut off low pressure system, a pattern occurring over and over this year. We are also tracking another burst of late season chill in Colorado, where a winter weather advisory is in effect for a thunder snow storm at Pikes Peak tonight. On the other side of the weather coin, record heat and drought goes on in west Texas. At Wichita Falls TX, the afternoon weather is 108°, with south wind gusting to 35 mph. That hot wind runs into the Colorado Cold tonight with another tornado outbreak in the Central Plains. What does this all mean for New England?
  We have a challenging forecast Wednesday through Sunday. That Colorado trough will generate violent, headline making, sever storms all the way to the east Coast. As the system moves slowly in our direction, we will have an influx of Deep tropical moisture from the Caribbean, through the Gulf of Mexico on it's south side, while new cold tries to come our way from Canada. The Battle zone sets in hear Wednesday and sticks around through next weekend. Of course timing and tracking batches of rain from the west, heat from the south, and chill from the north is near impossible. But here is best guess. We are sunny and with warming into the 80s Monday and Tuesday, slightly cooler at shore. then another batch of cool works in during Wednesday, with a few showers, maybe a downpour. On Thursday we have heavier rain with a southeast wind, muggy air. A little break late Thursday into early Friday, before warmer air tries to move back in with strong to severe Storms late Friday into early Saturday. The we have a situation very similar to this weekend, but a day later. That means Thunder storms with gusty haliers, especially north and West both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. That does not mean a washout next weekend, but rain delays are likely. Sunday looks like the pick of next weekend form this way out look.
  Speaking of way out look, Doug the Quahog will make a forecast for the entire Cape Cod Summer this Tuesday. Then we get to eat him. Join Chris Lambton, and me at Aselton Park on Hyannis Harbor Tuesday June 21 at 3 PM. That's right, the Summer Solstice, we are having fun on the beach, then going to Cape Cod Maritime Museum for free Chowder in celebration of The 3rd Annual Cape Cod Quahog Day.
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