Warm Start to December Reverses This Week

Highs near 60 Monday. Then a cold front arrives at our northern boarder with Canada. The front sinks slowly southward all the way to the southern Coastal Waters in the Period Monday Night through Wednesday Morning. A Series of low pressure systems ride along the front in the fast flow aloft.
At first we have rain showers, then snow showers, then a possible coastal storm with a little of everything, Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain, and Rain on Wednesday Night and Thursday. On the backside of this Nor'easter, the coldest air of the season blows in Friday though Sunday, finally putting some ice on our ponds.


Monday December 5, 2011 Addendum..

It seems like Weather Forecasts in New England are always changing.
Why is that?
Because New England Weather is The Most Interesting Weather on Earth, and It’s always changing! Thanks to our position on Earth, just about anything can happen here.
We are as close to the Warm Gulf Stream, as we are The Cold Labrador Current. We are on the edge of where a Giant Continent meets a Massive Ocean. Every change in wind direction brings a new kind of weather, rendering weather forecasts vulnerable to countless variables. In other words, our weather is often unpredictable.

Today, Monday December 5, 2011, here in Massachusetts we are basking in 60 degree sunshine. Thanks another Bermuda High, the sport of the day for me is Surfing,
Yet in a few days we may be 15 degrees and snowing, as is happening in New Mexico right now. A Strong (1044 millibar) Arctic High Pressure Center in The Northwestern USA is Delivering the coldest air so far this season, south into New Mexico.
Our weather forecast often depends on which High Pressure System is in Control. Highs have as much to do with Storm Impact, as The Low Pressure Storm Center itself.

This forecast map above is from 20 hours ago. The reason for the ICE, was my belief (yesterday), was that we would have Cold High Pressure (about 1022 millibars) over Nova Scotia. But, now it appears the pressure will much lower there. With Lower Pressure, odds of “Cold Air Damming’ have decreased. So Ice is not as big a threat.

But I still like the position of the Low. I believe we will have a moderate Nor’Easter, If not Thursday, maybe Friday or Saturday?? Ya, sure..

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