Wild Weekend Weather in New England

Thunderstorms, flash flooding, wind and snow all hit New England within 72 hours

It’s been a wild 72 hours in New England. We saw thunderstorms and flash flooding on Friday; the higher elevations received the first significant snow of the season on Saturday; damaging wind gusts blew through most areas Sunday!

The storm tapped into some significant tropical moisture on Friday–rainfall rates approached two inches per hour Friday evening. Earlier in the day Boston recorded a record high dew point in the upper 60s! Low pressure continued to strengthen as it lifted north.

Saturday morning downpours rolled through most of New England, followed by a mainly dry afternoon, except in the mountains. As the dry slot stuck around in eastern New England, the mountains saw rain change to snow. Snow began to accumulate during the afternoon above 1,000 feet. With the warm ground and a relatively high sun angle this time of year, it’s difficult for the snow to add up during the day. Most of the accumulations occurred overnight Saturday. Some residents in Vermont and New Hampshire woke up to more than a half foot of snow Sunday morning.

Sunday, the low continued to strengthen as high pressure tried to establish itself over the northeast. We saw a very tight pressure gradient develop. Wind gusts exceeded 50 mph in many spots, leading to more than 60 damage reports. Utility crews are still working throughout New England to get power restored to thousands of customers.

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