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Burglar Gets Stuck in Mud During Getaway



    Burglar gets stuck in mud during getaway

    Man called for tow after being trapped in muddy Foxborough, Mass. yard (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Foxborough, Mass.) - The rain, heavy at times, light at others, has been fairly constant.

    Helping your garden grow makes sense, but assisting police with an investigation?

    That might be a first.

    "It had rained, of course, a couple of days before, it was pretty marshy in the back. He went too far and he got stuck," said Joe, who preferred not to give his last name.

    He and his wife were not at their Foxborough, Mass. home Tuesday when a burglar backed his pickup into their yard, used a plastic trash can to climb up, and pushed an air conditioning unit out of a window and steal a bunch of their stuff.

    "He climbed in, stole TVs, camcorders, some cameras, electronics basically, went through all the drawers upstairs, got some jewelry. It's just such a personal invasion of your privacy," Joe said.

    Getting the haul into the truck wasn't such a challenge, but it appears getting the truck out of the yard was.

    It's been raining for days.

    The tire tracks aren't just on the soggy grass, somehow the driver rolled back into the woods, trying rock salt, wood, even rugs to get some traction.

    And when that didn't work, incredibly, the burglar called Greg Banks at Central Street Garage to tow him out of the mud.

    "He didn't act kind of squirrelly, no, not nervous at all," Banks said.

    The alleged thief told Banks he was helping his aunt move and that she was inside the home.

    "Just as I was taking the hook off, he blew by me 30 mph down the lawn and took off," Banks said.

    Truck stuck no more, Banks went inside, saw the ransacked rooms, and called police.

    Thankfully, he got the license plate.

    Unfortunately for Joe, his wife is crushed at losing some personal memories.

    "When her mother passed away, she took a flower from the grave and had it made specially into a piece of jewelry, a necklace. And she had just had it on the day before, she had been wearing it and he took that," Joe said.

    Also gone are flash drives with all their digital photos.

    An alarm system is next, they say.

    As for the burglar, police have the license plate, but are yet to announce an arrest.