CT Gov. Malloy Updates Residents on the Aftermath of Irene - NECN

CT Gov. Malloy Updates Residents on the Aftermath of Irene



    (NECN) – Connecticut Governor Malloy gave a press conference to update residents on the aftermath of Irene.

    He said it is likely that it will take a while for power to be restored. He has asked utilities to update the public with frequent messaging with the number of crews, has asked the federal government to intervene and free up additional crews to maximize the number of people working in CT.

    There will be 1800 guardsmen available Monday morning and there were 1100 available today and throughout the evening.

    Malloy said essential state employees should go about Monday as they normally would.

    Non-essential state employees though, who normally start Monday morning, will start at 10 a.m.

    "It has been a terribly disruptive experience for all of our citizens," Malloy said.

    We are having and continue to have flood conditions as a result of the Housatonic, Farmington and Connecticut river.

    There is major coastal and infrastructure damage.

    We are doubtful that normal commutation will resume Monday, so make alternative arrangements. Metro north will likely not be running.

    The Tappan Zee bridge is likely to be closed for several days, but that’s just an observation, not an official statement.