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Car Dealers Suffer From Weather Leading Up to Presidents' Day



    Car dealers suffer from weather leading up to Presidents' Day

    Auto sales are down during cold, snowy winter; dealers look forward to warmer days (Published Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014)

    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Plainville, Conn.) - This winter is one for the books - bitter cold and lots of snow have done a job on snow removal budgets and salt supplies.

    For car dealers like Ken Crowley, it has been a winter of discontent.

    "This winter has been very tough on sales. It's been tough on our people. It's been tough on the general population," said Crowley. "We have snow every other day. It's below zero wind chills and whatnot. You can't get any melting occurring."

    It's not the kind of weather that brings out the car-buying public. Sales are down. And that's only part of it.

    Crowley owns several dealerships and knows what needs to be done when it snows.

    "We have to move two or three thousand cars, clean them off, clean the parking lot, put them back into place again and the people get tired out," he said. "It's a big job, and then they come back and, and two days later, they have to do it all over again."

    That is all done without selling very many cars, which is what they are really there for.

    Crowley expects things to start picking up.

    "People will come around," he said. "They need a vehicle they're going to buy one eventually."

    Crowley added that this Presidents' Day event is just the beginning of the car-buying season. How quickly it gets rolling depends on the weather.