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Connecticut Braces for More Rain



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Wallingford, Conn.) - Cleaning up with one hand, preparing for more with the other. That is what people are doing in Connecticut as flood waters recede and more rain is in the forecast.

    Work is underway to get the water pumped out of this mobile home park in Connecticut before it comes back in later on in the week.

    The park sits next to the Quinnipiac River in Wallingford. Overnight the fire department came through evacuating people.

    Bob Gagliardi, Wallingford, CT: "There was a man that knocked on my door. Gentleman knocked on my door. He told me, he says. But I waited it out. I waited it out. And everything was fine? Everything was fine. No problem."

    That the park flooded was not a surprise. Residents say there is water here every spring.  This much, though, is rare.

    Charlie Shook, Wallingford, CT: "I didn't think it was going to quite that catastrophic but then the waters just kept getting higher and higher and higher."

    There are 4 pumps that work to get the water out. One broke down and is being replaced as more rain is expected this week.

    As we came over to take a look at the Quinnipiac River to see how the flow is it struck me.  Look at how far down it is already. Think of how far up it must have been to come over this burm and flood the trailer park.

    Charlie Shook, Wallingford, CT: "You know that the Quinnipiac's going to fill up even higher because from what I understand Vermont and Maine, they got a humongous amount of snow in the last three weeks and that's going to come right down The Connecticut River and its going to impact us."

    Coming up at 5 an interview with the Commissioner of the CT Department of Emergency Management about what preparations are underway to deal with the anticipated flooding at the end of the week.