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East Coast Reacts to Earthquake



    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Boston) - Tuesday’s earthquake was the biggest to hit the East Coast since 1944, but that isn’t stoping folks on the West Coast from mocking the response to the quake. They have taken to Twitter and Facebook to say a 5.8 quake is no big deal, but Bostonians beg to differ.

    “It’s definitely the talk at work,” said Mari MacDennell, who works in downtown Boston.

    Tuesday’s quake really registered with people who felt it and people who didn’t.

    “I did,” said MacDennell. “I was at work and I felt a little bit of it. It felt like a big car or big truck (going by).”

    Dwayne Kelley also works in Boston, but didn’t feel a thing.

    “I’ve been asking , what’s going on? Did I miss all the excitement?”

    The quake forced some people out of their office buildings. Emergency crews were brought in the check and make sure the buildings were structurally sound.

    Other people came out just to gawk.

    Kate Westerman works at a Boston hospital and thinks people may have overreacted. “Maybe a little,” she said. “But we don’t get those in Boston, so its kind of exciting I guess.”

    While West Coasters may not understand the big deal made in Boston,  Mawou Francois does. He’s from Florida.

    “It’s kind of like people in Florida,” he said. “Hurricanes (there) aren’t that big a deal, here, it’s a big deal.”

    Since 1944, California has had 35 earthquakes the magnitude of the one that hit the East Coast Tuesday. But in Japan, they’ve had more than 90 aftershocks registering 6.0 or more, following the deadly quake they had in March.