Frost Threat Springs New England Farmers Into Action - NECN

Frost Threat Springs New England Farmers Into Action



    (NECN: Kenneth Craig, Amesbury, Mass.) - Just a week after temperatures reached into the 90s, highs are not expected to reach past the mid-30s Sunday night -- area farmers are concerned about frost.

    At the Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, a number of crops are planted on 145 acres.  Sunday, workers attempted to cover strawberries in hopes of protecting them from the cold.  A mesh covering has helped protect Cider Hill's crops in the past.

    "Right now, we're watching the forecast for the temperature hour-by-hour," owner Glen Cook said.

    Cook and his wife Kitty have spent 29 years on the farm, growing apples, peaches and strawberries. 

    "What we're worried about is, No. 1, frost," Cook said.

    Frost could hit crops overnight, especially in the higher elevations.  In Amesbury, fruit trees are almost two weeks ahead of schedule, because of unseasonably-high spring temperatures.

    Over the years, the Cooks have learned to put some of their crops inside sheltered areas, to protect from the unpredictable New England weather.