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High Tide Finally Tame in Scituate, Mass.



    High tide finally tame in Scituate, Mass.

    Small waves on South Shore provide hope for flooded areas (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Scituate, Mass.) - Friday became a beautiful night on the coast. Winds are calm, the rain and snow have stopped, and it's significantly warmer. A large pile of snow doesn't stand a chance in the days ahead.

    For the better part of three days, life in Scituate, Mass. has been about living from one high tide to the next.

    And finally, on night three, the rain has stopped, the skies have cleared, and the high tide was tame.

    "Not so much this time we're very lucky, the way the wind turned around it helped us, kept it going across the yard as opposed to into the yard," said Brian Murphy who lives along Scituate Harbor.

    Through three days, streets were filled with water and rocks and debris, but unlike the February blizzard no homes were lost and the power remained for most.

    Down the coast, by and large, the Brant Rock section of Marshfield, Mass. got much the same.

    "It rolls down this street like a little river, it gets bad down there where all the rocks are," said Howie Casey.

    But the afternoon gusts coming off the ocean made it treacherous even to stand, saying nothing for walking, the railings were no match, the rock walls unpiled, and the decks got hammered.

    There's a reason people have hurricane barriers at their houses, it's to stop the power of the wind and the waves from coming here and hitting up against their house but sometimes they're just not strong enough.

    This was one of those times for Anastasia Alper and family.

    "This broke my window and got into my house," Alper said.

    A massive wave pounded the outside of their seaside home during the Friday morning high tide and did much more than that.

    "It went through the metal barrier, through the glass, her kids were on the corner of the room so, they're lucky, her daughter was on the couch, got thrown, the couch went into the boiler," said plumber Ron Myerowitz.

    "It picked up all the furniture and moved it," Alper added.

    Shards of glass are at the base of a mangled boiler.

    A splintered door was reduced to kindling.

    Plumbers are fixing the mess.

    Anastasia knows, as so many others do, it's just part of life along the water.

    "You live by the ocean what else do you need?" she said.

    Back in Scituate, sentiments the same, knowing the next nor'easter can't be too far away.

    "You have to protect what's there, God will do what it does, Mother Nature is a very bad lady," Murphy said with a laugh.

    They don't go to sleep at the switch here. Brian Murphy said he'll look closely at tomorrow morning's high tide as well, just in case.