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Impending Storm Cancels Hundreds of Flights at Logan



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston, Mass.) - The impending snow storm is already impacting air travel in New England. There've been hundreds of flight cancellations, both where the storm is hitting now, and where it will be tomorrow.

    Many passengers we spoke with didn't want to take any chances and decided to fly out a day early while they still could.

    Unless they were going to Washington D.C. or Baltimore.

    Those flights were canceled across the board.

    "My flight was supposed to be tomorrow. And I called up Continental and they were very helpful in putting me on today's flight," said Frederick Fernandes of Chelmsford, MA flying through Newark to Mumbai.

    The list was long - canceled flights on nearly every airline leaving Logan Tuesday.

    The last winter storm missed us - this one won't.

    So hurry up those hugs and speed up those kisses on the way out, or you might get snowed in.

    "I'm excited because I need to get home, I've been here a week," said Nancy MacDonald, returning to Oregon after a week visiting her grandchildren in New Hampshire.

    "I'm happy to be out. Last year I got stuck here because of a brutal storm at Christmas 2008, just before Christmas. So I'm happy to get out before the storm," said Marc Bisschops returning to Amsterdam.

    Boston is going to do its best Washington impersonation starting tomorrow.

    Today at Logan, flights to and from the nation's capital already were cancelled.

    But a Delta employee told us there's much more of that to come - most flights scheduled to leave Logan tomorrow afternoon and evening had already been cancelled 24 hours in advance- some in the morning are still expected to take off.

    At Logan's Terminal C, there's an Air Tran sign that reads 'Baltimore Washington passengers check in here.'

    They won't be checking in to go to those two places today.

    All flights are canceled and they're also canceled there for tomorrow.

    Not looking good if you were heading on Air Tran to parts of the Midwest either.

    Coming from out West was better Tuesday.

    Surely not everyone coordinates pre-storm travel well, but we seemed to find the planners, like Darlene Fennelly of Weymouth, MA who flew back to Logan from Colorado with her daughter in time to beat the storm.

    "We thought maybe six to eight (inches.) Now they're saying a foot. I'm just so glad we got in today and not tomorrow," Fennelly said.

    Seven year old Franco Delgaizo told us he likes the snow.

    But when we asked him if he prefers warm Florida or cold Massachusetts, his answer, "Warm Florida."

    His proactive family from Topsfield, MA wouldn't have made it to the sunshine had they not moved their flight up a day.

    "I was on hold for an hour. So then I jumped on line and I just made the change on line and got on the same flight just a day earlier," his mom Leane Delgaizo said.

    She was told there would be a hefty change fee by Jet Blue - which then issued a weather alert, so she won't have to pay the fee.

    Massport officials will meet with airline representatives tomorrow morning, to figure out plans for the day.