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More Storm Photos From You



    More Storm Photos From You

    Here are more of your pictures from the aftermath of the Sunday storm - if you have pictures to share, send them to

    MiriamAlaoui, Waltham, Mallard Way-w470.jpg

    Mallard Way, Waltham, Mass. (by Miriam Alaoui)


    Ed Harper found this split tree on Comm. Ave. in Boston

    Frank Mendillo-Comairplane-w470.jpg

    Frank Mendillo sent this photo of a ComAir plane that was moved 10 feet by the wind at Logan Airport.


    Angela Engel took this picture of the storm moving into Boston


    Sarah Wenig sent a number of photos of trees down in Boston.


    Lauren Howe took this one in East Arlington as the storm departed. Somewhere - there is a car under that tree.