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NECN Takes Trip Into Woods of Maine



    (NECN: Marnie MacLean, Augusta, Maine) - Charlie Culbertson needs snowshoes to get to work -- he's heading into the woods of Maine to measure the snowpack. It's data used to assess the threat of flooding.

    Last week, this same spot had over thirty inches of snow...and this week, 17.5 inches.

    There are 200 sites like this one across the state -- together they give the us geological survey the ability to judge how much snow and how much water there is to cause rivers to rise...and potentially flood.

    While Monday's storm caused flooding in other New England states....Maine had few problems. In this case, the deep snow actually helped.

    Run-off into rivers and streams was limited because Maine stayed just a few degrees colder than other states.

    The flood danger is far from over in Maine....downtown Augusta is already warning residents along the Kennebec River about the threat. In just one week, the river has gone from being completely frozen to now seeing clear signs that the ice is starting to thaw.

    The forecast calls for rain at the end of the week...and if it gets warm to the jams are possible.

    And while they can't control mother nature....the scientists can measure and weigh and record and be better prepared when the rain starts to fall.