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NH Lifeguard on Extreme Heat: 'You Just Gotta Come Prepared'



    NH lifeguard on extreme heat: 'You just gotta come prepared'

    Lots of people went to Hampton Beach to escape record breaking heat Friday (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN:  Lauren Collins, Hampton, N.H.) - Dino DeMauro of Worcester, Mass. walks the surf of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire with his friends.  

    "It's beautiful out here isn't it?" he asks.

    He knows it’s too hot in his hometown. "What's it about in Worcester? About a 100 or something?"

    It's not that much cooler at the beach. The sea breeze brings little relief as midday temperatures soar into the 90s for a sixth straight day.

    "Today's probably one of the hottest days we're gonna have all summer and you just gotta come prepared," warns New Hampshire Beach Patrol Captain Patrick Murphy.  

    Kelly Murray has a simple checklist for her family, who’s up for the day from Weymouth, Mass.

    "Keep going in the water, ice chips, drinking plenty of water," she says.

    Not everyone comes that prepared. The lifeguards at Hampton Beach have treated anywhere between five and 13 people for heat-related symptoms each day in the last week.  

    "We have emergency vehicles with water on them, ice on them, to help deal with that," says Captain Murphy. "We also have a really well equipped first aid room where it's air conditioned. We can bring people in to cool 'em down."

    EMTs have transported a few people to the hospital with heat-related symptoms but only a few given the extended spell. Maybe, by now, people have figured out how to stay cool.

    Grade-schooler Jeffrey Velez has been going boogie boarding, building sand castles, and "I dug a hole yesterday here and it kept me cooler. And it was sound proof."

    His little brother Adam says, "I build sand castles too and I take buckets of water and pour them on my head."

    The masses keep diving back into the water, which is usually too cold for most people. But this week, the water is unusually warm, in the 70s. That’s a temperature typically seen in September. But then again, this hasn't felt like a typical summer.

    Bridget Murray can’t remember a beach day this scorching.  

    "It's so hot here I can't believe it," she says.