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New Englanders Enjoying Record-breaking, Spectacular Weather



    New Englanders enjoying record-breaking, spectacular weather

    People are hitting the links and grabbing an ice cream as Monday's warm weather brings on spring fever for many New Englanders (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Lauren Collins - Nashua, NH) - It was a perfect morning to hit the links.

    "To wake up this morning and to see the sun and to know you're going to go out," smiles Ed Kirby of Nashua, "I'll tell you it's better than any medication or any therapy."

    Bob Raymond sums up the forecast with one word as he unloads his clubs at the Amherst Country Club, "Awesome!"

    Ray LaVallee suspected it would be a nice day. "I called Saturday morning for a tee time here, from Aruba. Can you believe that?"

    Can you believe the Amherst Country Club has been open almost all winter?

    "New Year's Day, and then most of January, and then almost all of February, which is a shock," says Director of Golf Operations Chaz Zingales.

    Spring has arrived a little early in southern New Hampshire. So has the first kid at Joppa Hill Farm in Bedford, a sure sign of the season.

    "And it's the first of about 8 that'll probably come," says Max Blindow of Benedikt Dairy at the farm. "It was born on the pasture. It came unexpectedly early."

    It's what they call "chamber of commerce" weather. Just ask Chris Williams, President and CEO of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce who enjoyed lunch outside.

    "This is spectacular weather and if we wanna call it chamber of commerce weather I'm all for that."

    No better way to welcome it than with an ice cream.

    "I'm enjoying a chocolate chip mint," says Richard Sanford who adds his Hayward's ice cream is "wonderful! Just like the weather."

    This sunshine isn't just good for the soul, it's good for business.

    "It'll get pretty hectic, pretty crazy," says Chris Ordway who owns the Nashua landmark. "We'll have mobs of people all over the place, especially when kids get out of school. The first thing they wanna do is stay outside."

    Zingales agrees there's a boost. "It's also obviously helping us with awareness. And generating some revenue that we otherwise would not have expected."

    But there's always that one guy who won't go along.

    "I'd rather be eating this in a snow storm" says Michael McLaughlin as he enjoys a coffee heath bar crunch in the parking lot of Haywards. "Rather be snowmobiling and skiing.