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New Englanders Trying to Find Ways to Cool Off



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Boston) - Playing in the waves as day become night, people throughout New England are trying to find ways to cool off as the temperature rises.

    Fahrudin Alagic of Chelsea, MA said, "I don't mind it because the snow is gone but I don't know when it gets real humid it's kind of tough."

    Alice Wilson of Orleans, MA said, "I think it's terrible. I hate the heat."

    But for kids like 4-year-old Brianna Rock of Boston, the dog days of summer can't come soon enough.

    Brianna said, "We go get ice cream and then go to the beach or we can go to the sprinklers like over there."

    Brianna's mom says staying in the shade of Boston Common helps keep them cooler, but you can never be too prepared when record temperatures approach.

    Bea Love Rock of Boston said, "You have to make sure you keep the water on you, we have the backpack full of juices and fruits and stuff to stay hydrated because it does get tough."

    Others skip the shade to bask in the sun and enjoy it for the few days that it feels like Florida around here.

    Stephanie Shwarten of Boston said, "I don't think anyone should complain, after this winter and tornadoes, I think it's just a couple of days and then it's going to cool down again, definitely just happy to have some warm days regardless of how hot it gets."

    Mayor Menino says the city is prepared with its pools open and elderly checks in place, but since it won't be a true three day heat wave, Boston officials aren't going to extremes.

    "We're not going to open the cooling centers as this time, we don't see a necessity at this time, it's a couple of days only, it's not a long period of time so we'll just deal with it the best we can."

    Meanwhile, people are stocking up on fans and air conditioners to try to stay cool as the thermometer should near 100 degrees before the week's over.

    The Assistant Manager of Chelsea Home Depot Fred Hyde said, "Everything you see here, that'll be gone in the next couple of hours and then we'll re-load it later on tonight."