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Nine Straight Days of Rain



    Heavy drizzle in the NECN gauge this morning makes this the 9th day in a row with at least a trace of rainfall, and 11th of 13 days with rainfall so far this month of June 2010. Thankfully this rain is not coming with storm force wind as was the case in June 2009. This June our tomato garden is liking this rain because we have some sunshine on each the wet days.

    This weekend seems to have more outdoor events than any weekend so far this year. How many graduation, bar mitzvah, wedding, baseball, soccer & motorcycle week events are there?? You don't have to answer. In new Hampshire we have motorcycle week, including the 87th Annual Loudon Classic, 27 motorcycle races in three days at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon New Hampshire.

    The races are on rain or shine. Kristen Costa at NHMS says the rain makes the races more interesting as rain tires are used to get a grip.

    Likewise the New England Longboard Classic at Nantasket Beach in Hull Massachusetts is also rain or shine (or drizzle or fog). Competition begins at 10 AM as the tide comes up, the break goes down, but it will be fun. Don't know how to surf, but want to learn? Join the Hull Summer Surf Camp offered this summer by my surf buddy- Kyle Shaw.

    Surfers are asking about the Hurricane season. Last week we talked to Dr. Phil Klotzbach about the hurricane forecast, but I forgot to give you the link to the 47 page scientific paper issued by the Colorado State University team.

    Started by Long Range Hurricane Forecast Pioneer Dr. William Gray 27 years ago. Here is the link to our 9 minute phoner, and here is link to their forecast PDF. Issues such as seasonal analogs, Gulf Oil Spill, CO2 & Climate Change, and Climate Change impact on Hurricanes are all discussed by two New England bred forecasters (me & young Phil).

    As for near term weather.. even this is a huge challenge. We forecast 80 for Hartford CT yesterday, the high was 70. Yes it hurts to miss by 10 on a 8 hour forecast. This is the nature of forecasting, we often get it wrong. Especially here in New England. Last week at this time it appeared this weekend would be hot for us. But instead we have low pressure on a front south of New England. This induces a low level easterly flow from off the ocean. We fell the moisture and ocean chill.

    In northern New England sunny break are allowing temps to rise into the 70s, but with clouds and drizzle south, we are stuck in the 60s. Wind will shift from east to west tomorrow ahead of another cold front from Canada. We are in a warm air mass (above the low level ocean chill) so this west wind will warm us to near 80. The front will ignite showers and storm tomorrow afternoon. New fresh air from Canada blows in for Tuesday, with low humidity, sunshine and mild temperatures.

    Then like clockwork (same as last week) a low will cross southern New England late Wednesday with cool rain at night before the wind comes in from the west Thursday. Then we should be in summer warmth for at least a day or two before the next triple point low arrives at some point Saturday or Sunday or Monday. Will we break our new streak of rainy weekends? Definitely maybe. One thing I do know... it will surely be interesting.