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North Shore Communities Clean Up After Storms



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Lynn, Mass.) - Damaging storms barreled through New England Thursday afternoon. There is power outages, street flooding and lots of downed trees across Massachusetts.

    On Thomas Road in Swampscott, Massachusetts, the house is damaged, but everyone inside is safe.

    "My kids are good. We can fix this."

    Emily Cilley's husband and one of her four daughters were at home when this tree came crashing down.

    "It's not in the same place, it must have picked it up, pushed it over, and knocked it down."

    Neighbor Chris Clain saw it fall with a loud bang.

    "Just crunch, it was a loud noise no lightning that's not what did it."

    The storm brought trees down across the region, including this one in Lynn. It narrowly missed Guillermo Morillo's house, but knocked out power to his neighborhood.

    "I heard the rain I heard when I looked out and saw the tree it was pretty scary."

    Besides blowing down trees, the storm also caused street flooding, like this in Revere. But it's damage like this on Thomas road that gives you a sense of the power of the storm.

    "I don't know how old that tree was but it's huge. The roots must go under the street. So yeah, something big."

    An 18-year-old was struck by lightning on Plymouth Road in Swampscott. The fire department tells NECN he did not suffer severe injuries.

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