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Pakistan Floods Create Humanitarian Crisis



    (NECN: RD Sahl) - The death toll from flooding in Pakistan has held steady at around 1,500, but the humanitarian crisis worsens every day. Millions are homeless and hungry.

    Secretary of State Clinton is expected to increase U.S. aid when she speaks at a U.N. conference on Thursday.

    The flood waters are still running swiftly. There are thousands of villages like this one - washed away or isolated.  Hard to get away from. Hard for relief crews to get to.

    This man says there's been no help from the government. The Pakistani Army has 60,000 troops working on relief and they've barely made a dent. 

    The scope of this is hard to grasp.  One-fifth of the entire country is under water. 20 million people are affected. A veteran of the Hurricane Katrina relief operation has never seen anything like it.

    The floods first hit the northwest part of the country - the center of the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban.  Militants attacked police stations near the afghan border over night, and the pakistani taliban are telling people to reject foreign aid. The simple fact is Pakistan can't handle this disaster alone. The UN has collected 250 million dollars and is looking for another 200 million. Relief agencies are dealing with urgent short term needs, and longer term rebuilding.