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Patience for Snow Is Running Low



    (NECN: Scot Yount, Boston, Mass.) - Patience is in short supply. Relations have become strained. 

    On the side street in the city's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, a single car can make a bad situation worse. With more snow on the way, the question has been and continues to be, where to put it? The digging is still underway.

    "Oh there is no doubt there is plenty of snow to be taken away and put somewhere else," said Susan Cowley while digging her car out.

    Exactly. Wherever somewhere else is. Too bad the city can't melt your troubles away. People are defying all of the laws of physics, some folks finding it is just better to leave their cars where they are.

    One smart car is pretty smart, since its owner doesn't have to worry about anyone else taking the the tiny spot they have carved out.

    "It is the side streets that are really a public safety concern," said Boston Fire's Deputy Chief John Hasson. "You can see this street both sides if there is traffic coming through it would be impossible to get through."

    The Boston Fire Department is shoveling out those fire hydrants and asking residents to do the same. Beyond that, there is just getting emergency trucks down the street.

    "If a ladder truck is delayed it is going to slow up the ventilation, or the search and rescue for that location," said Hasson. Which can be dangerous or even deadly.

    "It is an emergency for the whole city," said Adrian Ragland.

    And don't forget the mad dash to get all that heavy and worrisome snow off rooftops.

    "Every night on the news we have been watching the roof collapses and we don't want that to happen to us obviously," said Nancy Vasiloff.

    That kind of concern keeps these guys very busy, and it is getting worse not better.

    "It keeps getting more and more and now there is a layer of ice on top of it," said Nick Pasquino.

    "There is literally thousands of pounds if not tons on top of the roof and the roof can only take so much pressures," said Adrian Ragland.

    So if you are at the end of your rope, my advice is to leave the city, or at least maybe Jamaica Plain, walk around the pond, and enjoy the winter.