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Planes Once Again Taking Off, Landing at Logan Airport



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Boston, Mass.) - The blizzard is long gone, but its ripple effect is still being felt at Logan Airport.

    Passengers stranded on Sunday and Monday are scrambling to find a seat on any flight out to their destination.

    Ben Gregory of Dover, NH said, "Stuck it out here last night and my flight was cancelled again this morning again, so that's twice, hopefully the third time's the charm."

    Dozens of suitcases made it to their destination before their owners did, and now ticketing agents are trying to fit two and a half days worth of passengers into one day of flights.

    And that means long lines for security and checked baggage for both ticketed passengers and those hoping to fly standby.

    Milu Abel, who's flying home to Miami, FL said, "We haven't even gotten through it yet, we're still at the end and we've been here half an hour."

    Others planned ahead, packed light and avoided the long lines.

    Eight-year-old Dante Pistone of Salem, NH said, "We got our boarding passes online so we're happy we did that because we would have been waiting in that line."

    Angel Delvalle of Roslindale wasn't so lucky.

    Delvalle said, "We were on the runway, they sent us back because the wings got frozen again."

    He and his wife have been trying since Sunday to fly to San Juan for her brother's wedding on Wednesday.

    They've already had two flights cancelled.

    "It's just an ordeal you know, what are you going to do, it's mother nature playing games with us," said Delvalle.