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Severe Weather Returns to Springfield



    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Springfield) - It felt like déjà vu for Springfield residents who braved last week's tornadoes. Luckily, Thursday's storm was without funnel clouds.

    Strong wind and sheets of rain blasted the ravaged region. One tree collapsed on the porch of a house that survived last week's tornado, but for the most part the damage was limited to a few fallen trees and downed power lines.

    It was just what the Springfield, Massachusetts area didn’t need: a damaging storm, but that’s what it got Thursday night.

    “The tree go (boom),” said Elizabeth Reyes.

    Reyes was inside her Quincy Street home when a tree came crashing down into it. The tree punched a hole in a bedroom and took out parts of two porches.  Her brother was standing on the porch when a strong wind toppled the tree.

    “He was screaming, ‘Run, take the kids,’” said Reyes.  “We (thought) it was a tornado or something.”

            You can’t blame them for panicking after the week they’ve had.  Their city saw widespread destruction after tornadoes tore through Western Mass just over a week ago.
            So, when the sky grew dark and ominous and the wind picked up, many folks ran for cover including Ohanes Ortiz who came to the Six Corners neighborhood to help his uncle clear trees.

    “This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this,” he said wiping dust from his eyes that the wind had kicked up.

            Jose DelRio lost his home in the tornado but surprisingly he doesn’t fear this latest storm.

    “I love lightning,” said DelRio.  “I sit on the porch and watch it.”

            For an hour, Mother Nature rained down and whipped things up in Springfield. It was no where near the fury of last week’s twister, buy just enough to rattle some nerves.

    “Yeah, you could say that,” said Reyes with a smile.