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Slick Conditions Around New England



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Newton, Mass.) - The warmer days have turned many walkways to slush. Puddles are forming everywhere. But those puddles quickly freeze overnight, making for treacherous conditions. Many can sympathize with House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who broke his ankle Monday, slipping on ice outside his home

    We have spent the last month dealing with unrelenting storms, piles of snow, ice dams and collapsing roofs. Now the melting and refreezing has created yet another problem.

    Dr. Jonathan Olshaker says those falls can be very serious. So far the Emergency Room at Boston Medical Center has seen a steady stream of patients.

    And he says most dangerous of all are the paths that appear to be cleared - because sometimes it's actually black ice.

    Kiran Rajapur says he has gone a step further - putting rubber straps around his shoes.

    And its why Dave Senger was spending his Monday evening on a search for salt, his driveway still covered in snow and ice.