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Slick Driving Conditions for Many in New England



    Slick driving conditions for many in New England

    Drivers are urged to use caution on the roads Thursday overnight because of icy conditions (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich, Salem, NH) - It's been a long day for the men and women behind the plows in Salem, NH.

    It's winter's last hurrah - albeit, first hurrah in many parts of New England - and it's not exactly welcome, even to the guys who stand to benefit.

    We haven't seen this in a while - salting and sanding, slushy and slippery roadways.

    Frank Smith, a Salem, NH resident, found himself behind the wheel Thursday, not to earn some extra money, but to make sure the driveway of his auto body shop was clear so he didn't lose any money.

    "Hate it," he said about the snow. "Just cramps the style of the business, slows everything down. Doesn't seem like anybody is in a good mood."

    The buzz of snow blowers and laughter of children building forts - enough to leave many shaking their heads after a nearly snowless season. Yes, the signs of spring were starting to bloom - and many of us hope this stuff melts soon.

    "I'm ready for spring. As mild as it has been, I'm still looking forward - we actually had flowers coming up already. So it's, it's on the way," said Jim Rhodes, a Salem, NH resident.