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Storm Conditions Worsening in Bourne, Mass.



    Storm Conditions Worsening in Bourne, Mass.

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Bourne, Mass.) - With a blizzard warning in effect, Tuesday night will be a long one out on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

    In Bourne, Mass., plows are out, and police are keeping a close eye on the snow-covered roads, which are only expected to get worse as the night goes on.

    "It's freezing out. I cannot believe it, I was walking to work and now it's white," Job Lot employee Brooke Burns-Hill says.

    With potentially a foot or more of snow expected and near white-out conditions, locals are taking nothing for granted and are preparing early.

    "We're just out getting the last minute stuff and heading home," says one resident.

    "We've had quite a few spin outs, the roads are slippery right now so you just need to be careful out there," Bourne Fire Deputy Chief Dana Dupuis says.

    In addition to being careful with the large accumulations, fire officials are also sharing a life-saving tip for residents who live in newer houses.

    "The heating system is very important to keep intake and exhaust out of your furnace clear. Those can be just a few feet off the side of your house, so with all the wind and the drifting of the snow, those could get covered up and could cause your furnace to fail or build up of carbon monoxide in your home," Deputy Chief Dupuis says.