Storm Creates Strong Winds, Flood Conditions in Scituate, Mass. - NECN

Storm Creates Strong Winds, Flood Conditions in Scituate, Mass.



    Storm creates strong winds, flood conditions in Scituate, Mass.

    Many residents are anxiously awaiting what weather conditions will bring Friday (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Scituate, Mass.) - Minor to moderate flooding along the Scituate coastline, with anxious anticipation for what the morning will bring.

    You met Mike Caputo Wednesday night.

    He said he was staying in his Scituate, Mass. home along the coast.

    He wasn't kidding.

    "Yeah so far so good. This morning's tide, it came and went, nothing serious. And this tide, you know, just waited for it, again, nothing serious," Caputo said.

    Conditions deteriorated hour by hour leading up to 7:35 p.m.

    Three hours before, then two, then one, and then, high tide was upon us.

    Wind sweeping a wall of water across Oceanside Drive.

    Standing 50 or 60 feet from the ocean in the middle of the street, it just doesn't matter, the wind and the water just keep on coming.

    It's a strange sort of game played by people who live along the coast, a step or two above guess work really.

    Waiting for the next high tide to smash in and over the sea wall and bring with it flooding and eroding piles of sand and rocks.

    Some people stay, some people go.

    Others, like Steve Litchfield, got a room at the Ocean Side Inn.

    "I just was coming out of the building and I said I'll see what the wind is, snuck around the corner when the wind's coming from the northeast I got a gust at 49.9 miles per hour and my hat ended up across the street," Litchfield said.

    If coastal power remains, the shelter at Scituate High School won't likely fill up as it did during the February blizzard.

    "This isn't a place that takes reservations, so whoever comes is welcome," said Jennifer Sullivan, director of the Scituate Department of Public Health.

    The heavy machines moved whatever the ocean brought with the Thursday morning high tide.

    Water ponded across the street, leaving rocks and flooded German engineering in its wake.

    And as for Mike, hey we showed you his 3 sump pumps Wednesday night, and now here's the result, water flowing from his basement out into the street.

    "Well tomorrow morning is the big deal, it's like waiting for a new baby," Caputo said