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Weather New England

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Sun & Surf, No Snow This Week



                                                                                                   Igor 50 Mi west of Island, 9 PM Twit from Bermuda:

        JimCantore: @SurfSkiWxMan Its not Fabian Tim but 21K of 36K customers are without power. Erosion will be worse than Fabian. Beaches hammered !                                                                                              Previous Post                                                                                             Igor downgraded to cat 1 does not mean Bermuda gets off with no Damage.Hurricane force wind for the next 24 hours ensure flooding and powerloss. But hopefully no building or people loss. Though it now appearsthis should not be as bad as Fabian, the last major hurricane atBermuda in 2003.
      Karl on the other hand was a major hurricane in Veracruz Mexico. Theworst since Janet in 1955. So why does Igor get all the attention.Because it was forecast to major when it hit. Karl was forecast to beminor. Once again, we lack the ability to forecast storm intensity,weather remains, at least partially, unpredictable (that's what keepsit interesting).
      The weather news for New England continues to be the Surf. My collegebuddy Weir Lundstedt (Jim Cantore Roommie from LSC) is looking forwardto riding the biggest swell since Florence went by in September 2006. Says Lundstedt:
    "Yes, Igor size and resulting "fetch" more important then max wnds for giving big waves here in NE!"New England Buoys are measuring a 7' Swell today, compare to themassive waves of Danielle a few weeks ago, were about 4'-6'. Earl wasbigger, but that was more of a wind swell, and did not last long. ThisIgor swell will last into mid week anyway, and the biggest may be yetto come. Gusty north wind tomorrow (to 30 mph around the Cape), maykeep surfers away. The lighter wind today and Tuesday are better forsurfing and boating.
      Inland, the weather is fairly quiet. No snow on Mount Washington thisweek. As a matter of fact record warmth will make a run at us Wednesdayand Friday. We are on the edge of serious cold in Canada, and recordheat from Texas. Thunderstorms are possible with the boundary hereWednesday and Friday. But much of the week is warm and dry.

       This question has been raised...
      What about Bill, was Bill Bigger than Florence? Check these pics.