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Third Plum Island Home Set to Be Demolished



    Third Plum Island home set to be demolished

    Homes were torn from their foundations during last week's storm (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Deanna Morgan, Plum Island, Mass.) - After the storm, there are more woes on Plum Island. A third home is set to be demolished Monday. All three were no match for last week's nor'easter.

    Also Monday, local leaders are holding an emergency meeting to discuss how to stop the devastation.

    Kathy Connors has almost reached the end of her rope.

    “Whatever they do now is gonna be too late,” says the Plum Island homeowner.

    Before her and her husband, Bob, give up on their Plum Island home...

    “We’re gonna do whatever we have to do. I don’t care,” she says.

    They’re going to try to save it.  But, Kathy’s hope fades by the day, possibly by the minute. She hadn’t spoken out on camera about this erosion situation on Plum Island until now. She’s frustrated. She says every homeowner on the island got a letter from US Fish and Wildlife telling them the area where their houses are located is piping plover habitat.

    “So let the houses fall in the water, they don’t care.  It’s ridiculous.”

    Water now comes right up to the steps of the Connors’ home.  Erosion from the last storm took away the sand the needed to protect their home from falling in the water.  

    “So I really hope they’re all happy right now.  It breaks my heart.  It’s just so sad to see this happen,” she says.

    Connors says more could have been done but wasn’t.  

    “I want to be clear that the administration has been responsive on a number of fronts in helping us on Plum Island but what we’re saying is that we haven’t gone far enough,” said Senator Bruce Tarr.

    Senator Tarr has been trying for months to save homes from falling into the ocean, but it’s too late.  Three homes are being demolished.  Several are next.  As for Connors’ home, there’s not much hope.

    “As much as my house is ok right now, all of us will have to leave because it’ll compromise the water and sewer system.”