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Timeline of Deadly Mass. Tornadoes



    (NECN: Latoyia Edwards, Springfield, Mass.) - It was just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. Cameras caught the first tornado in its early stages, stirring up the waters of the Connecticut River, and blowing debris through the air.

    It hit Springfield's South End first, causing extensive damage to buildings on Main Street.

    It moved east through the city, destroying homes on Eastern Ave and along Arcadia Boulevard.

    A block away -- part of the roof was blown off Cathedral High School. Friday's graduation has been put on hold.
    From Springfield, the storms moved East.

    At 5:10, a tornado was reported on the ground in Monson. The small town was devastated.

    Homes and businesses destroyed along Washington Street. The town's only supermarket wiped out.

    In a matter of minutes -- the storm blows through the tiny town of Brimfield. From the air -- it's easy to see the storm's potent path.

    From the ground -- the damage looks like something from another part of the country.