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Worcester, Mass. Digging Out of Heavy, Wet Snow



    Worcester, Mass. digging out of heavy, wet snow

    Some residents were having difficulties driving on steep side streets (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Worcester, Mass.) - Heavy, wet snow blanketed central Massachusetts for much of Wednesday morning, turning into a snow-sleet mix as we got into the afternoon.

    "It’s awful, I’ve never seen so much snow, and it’s difficult to drive in :58 they’re doing a good job out on the city but so far not in our driveway," Nancy Aucock of Worcester said.

    With pass after pass, plows were able to keep the main roads, like Route 9 in Worcester, clear for much of the day. But side roads were another story, especially trying to get up the steep streets that make up the Worcester hills.

    Shoveling out his car after work, Gert Jazxhi of Worcester said, "I’m a truck driver, so today I drive around, it was a heavy, heavy snow."

    Herb Aucock who loves the snow said, "It’s heavy, it’s heavy, but we just always get through it."

    Cars were covered, driveways were covered and it wasn’t easy work to clean them.

    George Rodriquez said, "I just think nobody really wants to go out and shovel yet, it’s still coming down pretty hard and I got out to clean my car so the plow could clean out the space and I figured why not come sled and have a little bit of fun, instead of slaying couped at home."

    And it seems George and Annabella Rodriquez might have the right idea on this snow day!

    Annabella Rodriquez said, "Because I like playing in the snow and sledding."