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Worcester, Mass. Gets Hit With Nor'easter



    Worcester, Mass. gets hit with nor'easter

    The snow and high winds brought the Weather Channel to the city (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) - A winter storm spanning coast to coast hits Worcester Thursday. The snow and high winds brought the Weather Channel to the city.

    "We track the storm. We follow it up the coast and so we were in Virginia for it and now we're here. And I don't think we're gonna go out to sea to follow it next, hopefully not," Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams said.

    Abrams came in from Washington DC last night and was surprised by the amount of snow Worcester has gotten this winter.

    "I was playing in those huge snowbanks that you have piled up everywhere because it was just incredible to see. And you had back to back to back was the other thing so I can understand why people are sick of the snow," Abrams said.

    Jim Dunn finished sanding roads around lunchtime. He says the city called him in to start working around 3 a.m.

    "At 3 or 4 this morning it was pretty nasty out there. Pretty slippery," Dunn said.

    As of early afternoon, Department of Public Works says 45 trucks were sanding and salting roads. But Commissioner Bob Moylan says he's not sure if plows will be needed. He says it's hard to predict how much snow will accumulate.

    "We're gonna let the storm on this case take the lead and we'll follow so the storm will sort of dictate what we need to do," Moylan said.

    This season, Moylan says it's snowed about 10 inches above the annual average in Worcester. He says the city snow budget is in the red.

    "And so right now, we're running a deficit of about $600,000," Moylan said.

    Moylan says this storm could cost upwards of $100,000. Meanwhile, Abrams says because it's March, the sun could melt any accumulating snow.

    Even she is looking forward to warmer weather.

    "I hope spring's right around the corner. I think a lot of people do. We're ready for warmth!" she said.