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Workers Take Precautions in Extreme Heat



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    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) – John Auger and his construction crew took extra precautions to stay cool as they worked on Main Street in Worcester Thursday, and said the extreme heat can take its toll.

    “Drink a lot of water, stay out of the sun if you can, put up a little awning if you got it,” said Auger.  “You basically have to stay hydrated.”

    Nearby, parking correction officers are making their rounds. They said being on their feet during the heat can be difficult, and added that it’s not only important to stay hydrated, but to also know your limits.

    The Worcester Fire Department is no stranger to extreme heat, but they say the hot weather makes their job more difficult.

    On days like Thursday, a second alarm comes even sooner to help bring in relief.

    “Get them out faster, get them checked medically, get them cooled down. They can take their turnout gear off and we have misting fans,” said District Fire Chief of Health and Safety Kevin Maloney.

    The firefighters are also encouraged to drink plenty of water, even before being called to a scene.

    The hot dogs aren't the only thing that's hot at the Dogfather in Worcester. It is one place where working inside can sometime be hotter than being outdoors.

    “It’s probably 100 degrees in here but every time it gets that high all I have to think about is January,” said Mark Gallant of the Dogfather.

    Inside the Dogfather's truck, fans are the only thing offering some relief.

    The same goes for inside Bob Jewers postal truck, but he says after 26 years on the job, he's used to extreme weather.

    “It’s hotter in there, we only have a small fan but it doesn't do much just circulates the hot air,” said Jewers.

    “It’s New England, we're supposed to be used to the weather,” said Gallant.