The January Thaw

Whats happening with the weather as we pass the midpoint of winter

With the blizzard in the rear view mirror, it's a brave new world out there. As we pass the midway point of winter, instead of eyeing a shot of bitter air, we're watching the warmth come at us from all sides.

Specifically tomorrow, where we may get into the mid and upper 40s! Granted, it won't feel that way with the gusty winds from the southwest - to the tune of 30-40 mph at times - but cities like Norwood, Attleboro and Providence have a shot at "fitty" or so. That's enough to put us in meltdown mode.


As far as this warm-up having legs, well that depends on how you look at it. No one pattern seems to be dominating, but the warmth seems to have the upper hand into early February.

Yes, the next two days are still mild, but the cold is coming back to finish the workweek. There is a swift-moving weather system offshore later in the week that has a lot of people jumpy for more accumulating snow, but to me, it doesn't seem like a credible threat given the size of the storm or its movement. For the record, this is a different beast than the blizzard (obviously). The storm isn't cut off from the jet stream, it doesn't turn into an epic storm, and the track isn't as jumpy.

Summarily dismissed? Not quite. There may be a band of snow that sets up along the coast as some moisture is pulled back into another low pressure system in Northern New England. Chances are slim, however since arctic air is absent.

In the meantime, enjoy the January thaw.

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