Romney marches in Wolfeboro, NH parade

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July 4, 2012, 12:52 pm
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(NECN: Lauren Collins, Wolfeboro, NH) - Mitt Romney supporters aplenty lined Wolfeboro’s picturesque Main Street for one of the largest Fourth of July parades in New Hampshire.

"I can’t wait to meet him," gushed one woman in the crowd.

"He’s not out here to make a million dollars, he’s not over here to take over the world," said Frank Dami of Tilton, NH. "He’s here to serve the people."

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee joked that he realizes not everyone in the crowd plans to vote for him, "But you know what? They were courteous, respectful, said 'good luck to ya,' and 'Happy Fourth of July.'"

"I think it’s a nice thing to do to welcome somebody," said Wolfeboro resident Jennifer Dunnells, adding, "It doesn’t mean I’m gonna vote for him."

The Romneys have a lakefront summer home in Wolfeboro, their faces familiar long before they were in the national spotlight. But it will be a fight for the Republican to win New Hampshire.

"I think Obama will get in again, I really do. Remain in, I should say, yes," said Jennifer Dunnells, who says she is voting for President Barack Obama.
"Both candidates, as they draw their electoral map, a win comes through New Hampshire," said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh who made the trip north for the parade.

The Obama campaign was sure to have a presence and a message in Wolfeboro.
"Mitt Romney portrays himself as someone who’s good at jobs," said Walsh. "Well when he was our Governor just a few short miles down the road, he proved that he really wasn’t. We were 47th in the nation in job growth."

Romney threw limited barbs at President Obama.

“We don’t want to make America more like Europe or more like any other place,” he quipped.

Generally, his brief post-parade remarks were light on the campaign rhetoric and heavy on the patriotic vision.

“The world needs a strong America. It needs an America that is convinced that our values are right, an America with an economy that’s bustling and creating jobs.”

Romney, who for all intents and purposes is on vacation this week, was joined along the parade route by NH Senator Kelly Ayotte, said to be one of those under consideration for VP.

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