Broadside: Golar Richie on her Boston mayoral campaign

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October 1, 2013, 8:52 pm
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(NECN) - As one of 12 people who entered the campaign to be Boston's next mayor, Charlotte Golar Richie finished third in the preliminary election that whittled the field down to two - John Connolly and Marty Walsh.

Golar Richie says despite not making it to the final election, she thinks her campaign did quite well.

"We knew that we had some obstacles that we had to get past and one was the timing of my entry into the race. Another was the fact that I didn't have a ready organization and war chest. Those aren't excuses, that's just the reality we were dealing with," she says. "Still, I felt like I could get in there and that I could really gain the traction I needed to make it into the final. We came real close - we just didn't get to the end."

Should the "majority minority" community in Boston gotten behind one candidate? Golar Richie says she might have seen a difference if the community had coalesced behind her, but  "I would argue, for example, if Mike Ross wasn't in the race, or Bill Walczak or one of the white candidates hadn't been in the race, then maybe I would've gotten some of those progressive, liberal supporters to vote for me."

Golar Richie says the fact that no person of color made it into the mayoral final means there's still work to be done.

"I think that if the end game is about having a person of color be the next mayor of Boston, then there needs to be a conversation, and again, I would argue that it's not just conversation with people of color. It's a conversation with people of all racial groups to say that that's a good healthy things to have here in the city of Boston," she says.

Golar Richie says she'll endorse either Connolly or Walsh in the next five days, and says she'd like to hear them talk about the specifics behind a range of issues facing Boston, including diversity, youth services, basic city services and more.

Watch the attached video for the complete interview.

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